Starting fresh

Hello!! Welcome to my new HOMEY blog! I intend to use this as a creative space so I can share all of the blissful tirumps and tribulations of life in 2023 as a career woman by day, candle maker by night. And really just a place to vent and share inspiration on things I am sure we are all going through. 

I started this candle business in 2020 as a way to light up my creative side amid the chaos of the year. I began the venture with a partner and it was a great experience. I felt we held one another accountable and were able to successfully collaborate on all the ins and outs of building the brand and creating the amazing products. Flash forward 2 years and I have fully taken over the business due to life getting busy, which we can all understand. Taking over and rebranding HOMEY Candles has been a wild ride, and I have grown more than I could've imagined in the process. It's not just about candles for me; it's a tangible way to measure personal progress and a canvas for my creativity to run wild. I am so excited to share new ideas and continue to keep my creative wheels turning. 

In the past 6 months I have really tapped into this sense of empowerment, making bold moves, and learning to trust the process. I am so freaking excited for 2024. I can feel that it is going to be my year.

Starting and running a candle company turned out to be more than a business venture. Mixing scents, embracing photography, and figuring out what works has been my version of exploring my abilities and pushing myself to new heights. Not to mention my mom has been such a huge part in helping me run this business and hold the fort down in Chicago. We have gotten so much closer working together and its amazing to have such a special person I know I can always rely on. She is the sweetest little candle sales woman east of the Mississippi. 

HOMEY Candles, to me, is a tangible testament to growth, change, and the simple joy of creating something that brings light into people's lives. It's not just wax in a jar; it's a reflection of my journey, and now, it's got a shiny new exterior to match the evolving story. Not to mention the insanely delicious fragrance blends I created.

Here's to embracing change, fostering creativity, and lighting up the world – one candle at a time!

Cheers to growth, good vibes, and a scent-sational 2024.

Lisa Fay

Founder, HOMEY Candles


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